Thursday, November 4, 2010

Excuses and Reasoning

It isn't easy to kill a person. It's even harder to get your head back on straight after the damage is done. I can see some of you are outraged, and others are confused.

You all need to understand, I do this because it is necessary. Your belief fuels it. Your fear of it, the pain you feel when it finally takes you, the control you grant it when you become Indoctrinated, all of it gives it power. It fuels it.

By killing you, I hope to deprive it of its power. I intend to weaken it to the point where we can assault it directly. Or maybe it will simply wink out of existence. Either way, what I'm doing is a blessing to those that this creature pursues. What this thing does, it draws the pain out. It drives someone insane. It takes your mind and makes you a puppet. None of this is acceptable. It is unforgivable.

I'm trying to deny it that pleasure, and that sustenance. By doing both, I intend to make it feel the same fear it makes us feel.

The hunter will become the hunted, and the dawn will finally break. One way or another, this is going to end.

It has to.


  1. Another layer of fear to diminish the fear? The Fighters have enough to worry about without wondering if every post may result in some black ops fool coming after them. We're assuming this thing is a tupla but it may not even be that it may just exist. However, for the sake of argument let us assume it is, what then? Allow me to give you the most likely scenario: the blogs run dry, the crazy and Fighters blend into one as between you and it everyone gets murdered. And it continues moving chasing the ones you miss peeking in on new people, new victims, the blogs get stumbled upon. Word of mouth spreads, and more people find it, and you keep moving, and killing until you turn the gun on yourself, or let it kill you in penance. its(not capitalizing it) already too ingrained into culture, there are too many victims, too many ways for it to spread if it dies in some well-thought out way its a tupla 'Breaker' failed because it was too obviously an escapist attempt at giving hope, heh, quite similar to your 'erroneous operation'. If you introduced this plan before it may of worked but your moving one-step behind, no matter how much you try to see yourself as a hero you're already walking down a loser's path.

    Well thats my view-point anyway, but then I hate the thought of people dying it why I bothered to get into the fight when I could of just left it all behind.

    tl;dr: waste of time, in many way I am a Fool

  2. Dear Marine,

    Why bother with killing at all? I see your reasoning, but we all die eventually. Whether it be by drowning, fire, old age, disease, or an Eldritch Abomination, why delay the inevitable? Why fight for something that has no hope left?!

    Also: Do you find it hard typing with one hand for long periods of time?.... just wondering.


    Ulryc Z.

  3. Congrats on doing exactly what your adversary wants.
    If you want those precious bullets of yours to do some good, then you should just shoot yourselves.

    DON'T Stay Safe.

  4. I'm sorry Nightcrawler but, you can't beat Him. There will always be a creature. If you manage to defeat this one. He will be replaced by another, and another. So many have tried. I wish I could help.

    From, A Friend.