Monday, November 29, 2010


Nightcrawler's team has managed to evade my kill-squads, for now. I understand some of you have had correspondence with Nightcrawler in the past. Let me tell you, Nightcrawler is a traitor to your cause, and more importantly, my cause. I'm sure you'd like to get a little payback.

If any of you have an idea of where he may be heading, I can redeploy my teams to take him down. He may be heading for a location you advised him about. It would make sense for Nightcrawler to deny heading for one location and then go there anyways.

Some of you have asked about what Nightcrawler's done, so I'll tell you. On the night of Thanksgiving, they were approached by what we suspect to be a trio of Runners, who wanted a ride. They shot and killed them when they realized who they were dealing with and just left the bodies by the side of the road. There were specific mentions of the Slender Man by one of the new passengers, whom we believe to have been in the process of being 'Indoctrinated', or hollowed, or whatever it is you people call it.

We know this because we've bugged every car and military vehicle our organization uses for the sake of keeping tabs on officers, soldiers, and their intentions. He's deliberately gone against orders, and I will not tolerate him going against them.

The Slender Man division of our organization is being shut down. We don't have the time or resources to deal with the matter. Besides, judging from what you people have been saying, the situation is well under control. Normally, my superiors wouldn't leave such a sensitive matter to irregulars, but, most of my men have all been killed, gone rogue, or been reassigned by this point, so I might as well finish things off and call it a day.

Again, if any of you may think you know where they are going, please, tell me.

I will exact revenge for you.



  1. huh...sounds like NC hasn't changed his spots after all...

  2. I'm taking you request with a grain of salt.... I don't know if Basroil squad would have taken part in that act.... How do we know YOU aren't one of Slendy's servants? I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID for short, and Lily, my other personality, who is Hollowed, acts pretty normal for the most part. Then there is Michiru, ( ) again, she's a Hollowed, and she seems fairly normal, for the most part. ~Rose

  3. Rose: Personally, I would not call Michiru "normal".. Then again, I suppose I have not had the er.. pleasure of talking to her myself.

    Specter: Is it possible that Nightcrawler has gone to an empty safehouse or somewhere to gather supplies? And he may possibly circle around back to Lusk.. Either Lusk, Tennessee or Lusk, Wyoming according to the past blogs.

  4. Heh heh heh...can't even keep your own troops in line, huh?

    If I find him, I'll TRY to send him in alive...can't promise nothing, though. Someone bites me, I bite back, only I bite a little harder.

  5. Was being held captive by some hollowed until recently. I think Basroil squad saved me. Not going to tell you which state I'm in though, Specter. :P ~Rose