Thursday, November 11, 2010


What the fuck up, internet?

My boss Nightcrawler's out on his road trip lookin' for Lusk, so Basroil Squad's kicking back and relaxing while he's gone.

In other news, two of my squadmates are already drunk off their asses. I think I'll be joining them. We only need one guy to watch the camera feed, and have a volunteer. Sort of like a designated driver.

Later, internet! I'm off to get wasted for the next X hours!


  1. Congrats on choosing your personnel, Nightcrawler.
    I see you're as good with picking your men as your actions.

  2. Not the same guy. Mr. 'Designated Driver', here.

    We didn't exactly get 'picked' for this job, pal. Nightcrawler sure as hell didn't want us to come along for the ride. Wish I could spill the details on how I got into this mess, but Nightcrawler scares the fuck out of me.

    He doesn't even yell at us when he's pissed. To quote a famous cop regarding his boss, "He just stares at people he doesn't like, and they sorta just disappear a day or two later."

    Not even kidding. Before they all got the shit mauled out of them by 'The Creature Who Nightcrawler Says We Shouldn't Fucking Name', Cypher Squad's old leader back-talked to the big guy. Two days later, he's gone. Nightcrawler blamed it on the creature, but I think he did it.

    Everyone else just thinks I'm paranoid. Funny, seeing as how we are FIGHTING A PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF PARANOIA AND FEAR. Captain Obvious of the SS No Shit, saying 'all aboard!'

  3. Keep an eye on your squad, if he's active tonight, you might lose somebody. I can understand the need for a break in your killing of runners to lighten the mood. ><

    Most of you are probably just following orders, eh? I won't debate that with you, till you find me.

  4. Hmhmhm.. I cannot help but find it funny that they might be too drunk to do what they need to do to survive. Perhaps the er "Designated Driver" will have enough sense to at least protect himself until Big Daddy gets back safely... -If- he gets back safely.

  5. A novel way of approaching the problem, certainly. Somewhat counterproductive in the long run, but definitely creative.

    Thank you for aiding our mission.