Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He's here

Nightcrawler here.

Basroil squad is keeping their distance from the target. We've blocked all of the doors, and everyone is keeping him in their fields of view to ensure he can't pull anything. He's blocking our way to the cars.

We have yet to open fire. No sign of Agents or Indoctrinated.

We'll make a run for the cars as soon as possible. I'm heading down to the basement now to grab any heavy weapons I can. Heavy machine guns, RPGs, anything.

Keep this in mind. I don't like you people. You've been running from, or fighting, this thing for too long. None of you are trustworthy.

And that makes it worse for me because I can't count on anyone else.

Going for the weapons now. Basroil's watching, he's standing still. Like he's taunting us.


  1. Oh, bite me. Its not like we have a choice in the matter.
    Anyway, despite having been out to kill us at one time I hope you make it out of there because I still carry basic human dignities that I think you've long since lost.

  2. I know your mind is probably on other things right now, but what do you make of Jay becoming active again?

    After all, he might not have got the Tulpa Effect rolling on this (you can thank Victor for that) but his videos did spark off the explosion of Runners you've been following up on.

    If the Tulpa theory is accurate, it follows that the people who inspire lots of others to think about That Guy are going to be powerful tools indeed for him. Maybe your tactics were working and he's let Jay loose again to heal a bit of the damage by bringing him to the attention of more Runners. Or perhaps he's decided that he'd like to have a bit more power, and wants Jay's videos to convince us all that he has that power.

    After all, if Tulpas are thinking entities who can act independently... then they can learn about the Tulpa Effect too. And if they know what they are, they can use it to empower themselves.

  3. Oh sure we've got people ranging from 13-31 fighting this thing,YOU THINK WE DON'T HAVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS?!?!?