Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I searched around the location where the attacker fired his weapon. Venturing beyond the radius of the blinder device was a risk with the creature and any potential Indoctrinated possibly in the area, but I encountered nothing of importance until I reached the site where the shooter attacked me.

I found something: A strip of paper with the word 'Lusk' written on it. They obviously left it there for me. Whoever did this wants me to come after them.

To any of you observers, I am aware you find my recent actions distasteful, but this is potentially related to the creature. If it is not, it still warrants investigation. I will halt my operation for the sake of looking into this. I may require assistance.

So, to the point: Lusk. What is it? A person? A thing? Some other creature?

Any information can be helpful.

Nightcrawler out.


  1. There's a few places named that, and a lot of people with that last name.

  2. ANY information?

    Too bad you won't get ANY.

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clayton_R._Lusk

    Obviously you are being hunted by an undead senator.

  4. or this Lusk not too far from where i grew up, out in the woods...


  5. There are two Lusks in America; one in Tennessee, and one in Wyoming, a Lusk falls in Ottawa, and a Lusk in Ireland. To be perfectly clichéd you may want to start in Tennessee.

  6. It also means, "lazy" you know....a bit archaic but still fits