Friday, November 5, 2010


damn it

typing with one hand

shot me through the window

arms hurt

safe right now

might change in a minute


  1. Irony is delicious. Well, it is either irony or just plain funny.. My degree is not in English. I this means you can now answer my question of whether you find it hard to type with one hand... Would it be bad if I giggle like a school child now?

  2. So, the Husks can use guns now? I do not like that prospect. I suppose it should have been obvious, they were once human after all, just they usually stick to straight intimation: knives and the like. I'm sure it won't go over well, as even a part of myself is less than happy with this, but, I am glad you're still alive. I'd hate to see someone die at its hands no matter how indirect, hate to see people die after all, still a Fool.

  3. seems like someone's calling you out.

    Should be easy for you though,he's not even running....

  4. I've read through your blog, and I can see what you're doing, and I can see why you're doing it. On the other hand, c'etait completement stupide.

    Tu, monsieur, es un abruti. Pardonnez ma fran├žais, mais, tu as le cervau d'un sandwich au fromage.