Thursday, November 4, 2010

Got him

The job's done.

One less runner to deal with.


  1. you useless sack of meat, What do you think this will Accomplish? Slavishly following a paThetic Erroneous Operation. this Fool does noT suffer your type easIly. nothing More than a slowing of an infEction you can`t hope to stop`


  2. I love a man in uniform.. However, even I wonder if you could stop the unstoppable, break the unbreakable? It will take a lot more than fancy guns and sharp knives to break the Man who's name you dare not speak..

    Oops, time to go, the men in white are taking me to my new home.

  3. If this is supposed to scare us "runners." It won't. If anything, you just dispelled all chances of getting help when you'll need it most.

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  5. Hello. I'd like to thank you for answering my question from before. However now, new questions are popping into my head: How many people are on your list? Can you really hope to terminate them all? And what will you do when you finally come face to no-face with the "creature"?

    From, A Friend.

  6. so, eliminate everyone that knows of him eh? At the end you'll turn the gun on yourself too? I dunno if I'm more impressed by your devotion to its destruction, or a bit weirded out that you're out to get me too.