Friday, November 12, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas, Rants, and Hangovers

OK, so, Mr. Designated Driver here. Whole team's been recovering from yesterday's party. And the hangovers. And actually started doing their jobs, thank you assholes.

Name's Dave, last name a secret for my team's own safety from government agents who may be tracking us, ex-Army sniper, served in Iraq before getting rotated out and getting bogged down in this mess. Callsign is 'Basroil Two.' The whole team describes me as the resident 'stick in the mud.' Alternatively, they just call me a fun-killing jackass, but, hey, someone has to be the bad guy. Normally, my squad leader's on the ball and keeping things rolling, but he kind of gave in to the urge to have a little fun while Nightcrawler's away.

Anyways, my team's clearing some shit up, and putting out orders for junk food to get delivered. Not sure if grocery deliveries will come out this way, but, hey, worth finding out, right? Nightcrawler's too practical to be healthy, I swear to whatever-the-hell. MREs, MREs everywhere.

So, yeah. Nobody else cares about this kind of crap, but, I'm sort of the resident geek too. Blogging's not exactly a passion of mine, but, y'know what, Nightcrawler told us to update this periodically to try and get in touch with Hunter Squad and let them know we're lookin' for them, and also told us to sort of dig around. The organization had to go to ground a while ago, and we're really out of the loop on all the big names out there. The ones on the move, and the ones gearing up for a fight. Been browsing all your blogs, and lemme tell you, OCD is a bitch.

Spelling errors, you assholes. Fucking fix 'em. Don't give us more reasons to come after you guys.

Sorry, I pretty much specialized in vocabulary/spelling in high school. Walking Dictionary Syndrome, basically. When this is all over, I'll write a friggin' autobiography. Writing's always been a passion of mine, and it's difficult to keep rough drafts of anything when Mr. Stick friggin' wipes your god-damned hard drive every time the blinder stops working because of whatever-the-hell he does when he's in contact with electronics.

Personally, I don't buy the egghead's electromagnetism theory, but I ain't chalking it up to 'raw weirdness.' It's something else, I think. But, Nightcrawler's trying to focus almost exclusively on what he believes, and on what the eggheads say.

So yeah, observing blogs, and then ranting/updating here. Check and check.

In other news, Nightcrawler knows how to keep morale up. Working X-Box 360, and a copy of Fallout: New Vegas. Fuck yeah.

Basroil Two signing off. Need to go kick my squadmate in the nuts and hijack his seat on the couch.


  1. Reagrding Fallout:NV - The House Always Wins. Also, Gauss Rifle.

    Stay safe
    Unlike your boss.

  2. So Dave, you're not military anymore, you're rogue. Do you guys have something in common with JAF's squad that was killed by TDF?

  3. Who, Selby? No, none of us were ever attacked while deployed in the area. I wasn't attached to his unit for any length of time, and I don't think any of the other ex-soldiers ever were. We come from all over. Ex-cops, ex-military, and a couple of average college students we've put through the ringer, among others. One guy from Cypher Squad was an artist.

  4. So you came together for the common goal of killing the /construct/? And killing Runners is what you came up with?

  5. It's complicated, really. We've changed tactics more than a few times. Our first tactic was to try and save runners and fighters where we could. We were all on the move back then.

    I'm not really supposed to mention this stuff, because Nightcrawler will get on my case. I figure with the loss of Cypher Squad and Hunter Squad still MIA, I'm pretty much safe from getting disappeared when he gets back, due to the lack of personnel, but he'll definitely be giving me the stare.

  6. Very interesting theory you have here.

  7. (Templar) Attend
    Confused Purpose
    Change Target

    Follow (Guide)
    Follow (Sages)

    (Templars) Poor
    (Warriors) Perhaps
    Achieve Glory

    Find It

  8. Nightcrawler, I'm coming to you on behalf of Greenlight, his riddles provide valuable insight, but are hardly explanitory.

    Firstly, I admire the fact that your entire team has dedicated themselves to the cause of killing him. However this indirect route of killing Runners is worsening the problem.

    NC, when a virus attacks someone, antibodies form to fight it, as it tries to corrupt the system

    Agents are those who get corrupted.

    Guess who the antibodies are?

    You and I, all Runners, everyone who has contact but rejects influence.

    And you're teamkilling. I know you believe you're doing right, no matter the cost, and it is noble to be so convicted against the construct and his agents, we need you on OUR side to make a stand. We gather information, info that you can use!

    If you really want to do the right thing, to kill him, we have to work together. Imagine it.

    Time grows short, please respond to me as soon as you can.

  9. paramartha-sayta: absolute reality; can't say I get it. 'Absolute reality' is a hard thing to find in the 'real' world since what we sense only feeds into 'relative reality', the more we succumb to the latter the further from the 'absolute reality' we get. This is even more true with it, it is a being of the subconscious, and dreams shaped by the collective fear of it; a mirror of every separate person's beliefs and fears meshed together with the group's.

    Huh...put that way it sounds like it is a manifestation of the 'relative reality' no 'truth' exists with it...unless we make it? But, everyone's been saying that. No, no, not the Fighters, the Guide, and the Sages, that feeling of 'right' that Robert(Guardian) mentioned, is that 'truth' or 'relative'?

  10. Most of us couldn't tell the difference, but I think just walking the path to enlightenment in our own ways will get us at least a little closer.

  11. "Aboslute reality", heh, would be great. I'm not even sure of who I actually am, much less reality.

    @black ops madmen: wait, what?!? You guys are seriously doing this?!? Can't you fuckwits see that this will only make runners (like me) fear more and, if everything I read so far on Slendy is right, EMPOWER the bastard?!?

  12. Pete, while I agree, we have to be civil to NC and his band, for this reason.

    We need them. They assisted us before in their own way, as was mentioned above. We still need them.

    Nightcrawler, we need your help.

    I can understand the despair you people must've felt, to resign yourselves that for the greater good, you had to take out those that believe in him. Sort of like a later day Freddy movie.

    It doesn't have to be like that though. I'm sure you can see the rationale, but what I need is your trust. Can you trust me?