Monday, November 15, 2010

Why we need to help you

Basroil Two here. Greenlight and zerombr have been attempting to reach Nightcrawler, and I'm sorry to tell you, the big guy is still out looking around Lusk, Tennessee. Assuming something didn't happen to him, at least. Hunter Squad still hasn't checked in, so, they're still MIA.

On that note, you people have no idea who you're dealing with. Nightcrawler isn't about to change his mind unless we have confirmation that your methods will work. We've attacked the creature directly before; Lost an entire squad doing it. We've had to resort to killing Indoctrinated and Runners because they're the ones feeding him. Is there any guarantee your own plans will work? If the Tulpa Effect is actually working here, then killing the people who actually believe it exists will work in getting rid of it, right? It makes sense.

If there's another way, I want that guarantee. I want you to give me the full, detailed explanation of why it would work. Nobody in our chain of command will settle for anything less. Before we started killing Runners, we were focusing on getting the Runners to safety, convincing them to  join us, training them to fight, and right after we got what we thought were enough of them, we tried to take this thing down. And that didn't work.

There's a way to kill the creature, and I'm not convinced you know what it is. I'm looking through the blogs, and it's not making sense to me anymore. Start making sense.

We're about at the halfway point for the blinder to stop working; A little while longer and that thing will be all over us. We're gearing up to head out in approximately two weeks.

Also, we've received word from Specter. He's basically Nightcrawler's boss, and by extension, our boss. Went to ground himself about six months ago.

Nightcrawler, if you're reading this out in Lusk, he ain't happy.

-Basroil Two


  1. Aah, I've been trying to figure out how to contact you folks. I'm Amelia. You've spoken to my colleague zero and to Robert. If you'll permit me to speak my peace...?

    You've tried to take It on and it went poorly. Killing Runners hasn't had any effect, either, since It is still operating at full capacity. But tell me, have you tried going after Its proxies, the Agents?

    If what Robert (greenlight) has said is true, that way may be beneficial for us both. And in the end, aren't we both seeking the same goal? We both want this to end one day.

    If you cut off Its proxies, you'll weaken Its range. Look at what killing Detective Strahm's enemy early on would have done. That's one of Its weaknesses.

    Will you think about it, Basroil Two?

  2. Dear B2, I suggest you apply logic.
    You cannot, I mean seriously, you have not got the ability to exterminate all runners and drones out there. The world is just too big for you and the internet reaches too far.
    TPF, the /Construct/, is not a physical being, not most of the time, anyway, and attacking him head on like you did, no matter the numbers, weapons or preparation was folly of the highest possible degree. I don't know who ordered that, but they need to be checked psychologically and ffor signs of being /construct's/ drone.
    What we are doing is quite mad, what I am doing personally might seem even more mad, but while what we plan and can do might not work, what you are doing will not work.
    You would have to erase all the runners/fighters, all the drones, take down all the blogs, vlogs, destroy, retroactively works referring to The Pale One, The Phantasm, The Thin Man, Chzo Mythos games, Tim Burton movies, eradicate the notion of fear and kill yourselves. That's what you would need to do to succeed in your mission the way you are going about it. I don't think it is withing your, or anyone's, ability to do all that.

    Also, if he exists because of the Tulpa effect, only the Tulpa effect can be used to defeat him - the story needs a good ending.
    My question is: are people willing to lend your hand in building that good ending with us?

    Stay Safe
    Maduin (S-J-S)

  3. I think people misunderstand the Tulpa effect. We might have brought him into existence, but he has his own will now. I don't think it's our thoughtpower that makes him continue to exist. He just is here. Now the problem is to make him disappear. We can't simply reverse what made him come here.
    Do the right thing. Come and fight with us, not against us.