Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Seriously, Specter, I know you pretty much have clearance to do whatever you want, regarding our computer resources, but I would've given you the blog password if you'd just asked. You didn't need to go through the whole hacking thing.

Anyways, yeah, Basroil Two here. Last blog post was courtesy of Specter.

I'm not going to answer any more questions about our organization; I'm in enough trouble already, it seems. All I can say is, we're not government. We are a privately-funded organization dedicated to dealing with crap. I won't specify what kind, since Specter's getting his undies in a bunch. And sometimes dealing with crap involves doing stuff that's technically illegal. Like, say, murdering people to keep things quiet.

So, of course, drawing government attention is a stupid move. We do have government contacts, though. They have no idea who they are, but I suspect they know about them already.

Nightcrawler is...understandably upset. Just got a phone call from him this morning. He's pulling out of Lusk as per his orders and heading back now. Things are mostly quiet on our end, but the fact that Nightcrawler was attacked is still a concern. Especially for the higher-ups. First time a human has organized an attack on any of our field commanders without a seeming supernatural influence.



  1. I've been attacked before without ever seeing TDF.

    Maybe the Agents are getting smarter though. Like they recognize that you-well, Nightcrawler at least-is a threat.

  2. Oh come on, perhaps I could get a private hint of what else you deal with? Hmhm.. But perhaps they are the Creepypasta division, dealing with The Grinning Man and Candle Cove. An interesting job... Perhaps I should put in my resume.

  3. whAt are you Delaying for? VAst kNowledge awaits the brave, are you not already damned dear nightCrawler? Everything rests in lusk will you shield your eyes or contiune?


  4. Oh dear, it's the CAPScode again! However shall we decipher it?
    Oh wait, it just says "Advance".

    Also, stop egging NC on, he's in a shitload of trouble as it is.

  5. at least SS isn't going into other languages, binary, or quoting "The Second Coming" *eyes Reach*

  6. This Fool should have known better really, after the last time she got bored and decided to play a 'prank'. Her sense of humor is off, which ironically made her perfect for the task this Fool needed of her. She was supplied with a list of 'tame' blogs that this Fool needed watched for times when they were unable to get online-still no sighting of it or attacks by Husks just mundane nuisances-she was introduced to it as a game, in parodies first, then as an ARG I was into. I gushed about it and made it as fictional as possible to her ears as one could expect. She was given the password to access this account if I desperately needed to get into contact with someone. The Fool can already hear you mocking them and would like to remind everyone of their title. I ignored the first incident but I'm changing the password and cutting her out of the 'game' so that should be the last time you see 'sincerely', still don't understand why she insisted on ending her posts that way. Though I only know of her exploits on this blog so if you know where another one is please inform me.

    Annoyingly, I somewhat agree with her point of view there is something in Lusk thats important. I wonder if anyone's near the Lusks and willing to snoop around, or maybe Nightcrawler will just have to go rogue...er. 'Trouble', eh? To be perfectly honest their tactic of killing the Fighters hasn't been working, and now they have some other group targeting them and they're just shadowy figures with guns better they and we know something about them.

  7. Anybody else reminded of the Delta Green Call of Cthulhu setting?