Friday, February 4, 2011

Another engagement, noticeable problem

Alright, Nightcrawler's men have engaged another pair of Indoctrinated last night, killed them both. No casualties.

Something else is going on, though. When one of the Indoctrinated was shot, there was a noticeable time-delay. Not in the flow of events, but in the actual killing. And I mean, he didn't get shot and not just fall over and die. I mean, he was hanging frozen in mid-air. Knocked back by the gunshot, off his feet, he literally froze in the air for a few seconds. To our knowledge, the Slender Man was not present.

It doesn't take a scientist to state this should not be happening. This violates some of the very basic and fundamental laws of physics. Has anyone seen the Slender Man perform such an act on creatures or life-forms other than himself? We know he can stand on tentacles sprouting from his back, but actual defiance of the flow of time, or gravity?

Irregulars, we're calling you in for help again. This can't be ignored. Does anyone have any idea what happened out there?

The squad sent to track B2 has failed, but they are resuming their sweep of Lusk. If the situation truly calls for it, we'll declassify the events surrounding Lusk, Wyoming, but we here at the P.T.C. are not in the habit of releasing classified files on comparatively-ancient history when it's over and done with.

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  1. This is Will I'm safe for now, and I think I have the answer you may be looking for. . . Slender man has gone from hunting and killing conduits to hollowing them. I'll explain more on my blog when I can.