Sunday, February 20, 2011


We'll leave Robert's rescue up to the Irregulars.

According to our now-improved intelligence, (X) doesn't even have Robert. I've been busy, and haven't kept up to date on such details, and now the P.T.C. is paying for it. This is why I should watch the news more often. (X) has gotten annoying and diverted our attention for a bit, and caused the P.T.C. to waste a bit of money and time.

On that note, P.T.C. needs to cut back on gunship deployments. There's been a few too many recently.



  1. Nightcrawler, isn't it?

    I'm sure things are very busy with Tom, and all your studies. But, I'm afraid I must ask for your assistance. I'm sure you remember hearing about Ava's mother and all that's befallen her.

    The thing is...I don't think Fisk is going to take us lightly again. He's already lost some of his guys to myself and Spender. I don't think he'll let us make a fool of him again.

    We need your help, Nightcrawler. Anything the P.T.C can spare will help.

    Ironically enough, I'm in North Carolina.

  2. I sure hope you enjoyed that little distraction. Not everyone gets to shoot at things that aren't there.