Thursday, February 24, 2011

Father Paranoia


The Father Paranoia Division of the PTC is back up and running, despite my constant demands for them to not re-open the Division.

I am still assigned to the Slender Man Division, but this news is going to hit Basroil Squad hard for several reasons.

We figured that everything relating to the Wyoming Incident would be out of the picture for good, but, last night in Lusk, Wyoming, another television hijacking took place. Just like during the initial Wyoming Incident. Things are coming full circle.

The reason I'm bothering to mention any of this?

I think the Slender Man and Father Paranoia may be connected.



  1. Care to clarify what Father Paranoia is? I've seen the footage from the original Lusk TV jackings, but I don't recall that name.

    Of course, I understand if it's still classified.

  2. I think he's referring to the Black Eyed Kid that B2 mentioned in the previous post. I've never heard of the Black Eyed Kids, but if something is connected or, God forbid, collaborating with the Slender man, it isn't good.

  3. I used to know a friend.. used since for my fault he is now... different (infected/hallowed)..

    Last thing I know of him was this obsession with 'seeing', just with that seeing, like seeing behind everything and from where stuff came from.. he mind was kinda of sliced when disappeared thought...

    'A violent young men with weird eyes', that is how rumors named him...

    Just want to know if this is related.. somehow I wish it is not, it would make me feel guilty..

  4. The Black Eyed Kids are, or at least WERE, connected to Father Paranoia at one point.

    It's a long story, and it's difficult to explain, but the idea is that there was some supernatural activity in Wyoming that we put a stop to, shortly before kidnapping a bunch of people, hacking all of their SomethingAwful accounts, and then declaring it a failed ARG. There's a website called the Happy Cube Production forums.

    The basic idea is that somehow, a series of TV hijackings broadcasted videos that were somehow connected to a creature called Father Paranoia in preparation for the famed 2012 event. Even WE don't have the whole story, but we were able to contain information on the situation and then contain the creatures involved.

    Apparently, it didn't take.


  5. When you say this happened? Just wondering...

    Whatever.. about the other comment I send to you in the past post...

    ...Do you believe in fixing things with helps of other beings?.. (jeje, no, I'm not referring to aliens or gnomes, I mean, not, em, 'physical' beings...)

  6. Keiken,

    You really, REALLY don't want to act like you know what you're doing.

    You're talking to a professional.

    The answers to your questions are 'anywhere between Feb. 2007-Feb. 2009' and 'No.'


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  8. ??? Why are you posting here girl?..

    Sorry If I sounded arrogant, I didn't mind to. n_n
    But still is a pity you don't believe, I assume now I need to find help in another place...
    Whatever, you and your organization are great people, not everyone risk their lives for truth (truth is subjective) and order, keep like that!..

    btw, If I can ask you, Is there any case in which a Hallowed actually came back to his senses during a confrontation?

    and you will say I ask too much but, if hypothetically, this worshiper is under the circumstances of depending on you, is there any quick way to, like, 'reset' it's believes about Faceless, or at least maintain her calm? I mean, not like making the memory come back, that may be impossible, but at least start all over again or understanding how it thinks..

    Wish you don't see me like a type of nerdy guy by asking you question over question n_n'

  9. Anymore intel of Father Paranoia? description, photo, anything?