Monday, February 21, 2011

Executive Decisions

After much discussion, the individuals in charge at Central Command have permitted the PTC's Slender Man Division to begin enacting a policy of protection of Priority Individuals(P.I.s), from Indoctrinated, Revenants, and the Slender Man. The survival of these Priority Individuals is now a PTC Slender Man Division primary objective.

Priority Individuals are any individuals who fit one of the categories, listed below in numerical order.
  1. Those whom have been noted for former association with the Slender Man.
  2. Those whom have been noted for close association with those whom are formerly associated with the Slender Man.
  3. Those whom have been identified as possessing critical battlefield or operational intelligence regarding the Slender Man or the positioning of the Slender Man's deployed forces.
  4. Those whom have been noted for recent engagements with forces in the employ of FBI Agent Fisk.
  5. Those whom have been identified as Conduits.
  6. Those whom have been noted for close association with Conduits.
A list of Priority Individuals will be compiled and posted before Friday, 6:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.



  1. *personal note* Thank god Raz went off the radar recently. Good luck finding him, assholes!

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  2. that, um, thats a lot of people, isnt it? ooh, including larsson! how wonderful. ill be sure to tell him the good news.

  3. I guess that includes Bianca, and I? You guys probably already know where we are. SuspendedSerenity asked me if you could send tom to get him. I'm guessing these are the coordinates 45.899238 -64.368017 if you don't want to send him in alone I'm sure you can send someone along with him.