Saturday, February 19, 2011

Results. Also, No.

OK, so, I promised you some test results regarding teleportation. Results are pretty hard to explain to anyone lacking quantum physics-oriented education, but, basically, Tom's teleportation power isn't actually teleportation at all. Teleportation is done by way of, quote, 'an extremely powerful, localized quantum burst that creates an extremely small, temporary wormhole focused on the location of the teleporting individual or object.'

Tom's 'teleportation' power is used by 'folding space using quantum energy in a very specific form, shape, and pattern that results in the user being able to move through that space and come out at a different location nigh-instantaneously.'

The thing is that the second method, Tom's power, is done by way of actually entering another universe by folding space, and then coming back in our universe, again, by folding space.

Tom is literally leaving our reality to teleport. It might not even be for very long, and he might not realize he's doing so, but he isn't staying in this world when he does his thing.

So, we need to approach this from a totally different angle. Teleportation is very specific, and Tom ain't doing it.

We'll get back to you on this. Tests are re-opened. We're going to figure out where Tom goes. It might be important, for other divisions, if nothing else.


PS. (X), the P.T.C. breaks every rule of every game you play, ever, constantly. We don't play by the rules. P.T.C. policy won't let us.

So, gunships deployed, about twenty minutes ago. They'll probably have arrived by the time you read this. If not, you still probably won't get away in time.

If you're still alive tomorrow, feel free to keep trolling this blog. You'll have earned that right after surviving a barrage of railgun rounds and 40mm frag-shells. But, ground teams have been ordered to get Robert out alive. If they can't, his death is perfectly acceptable.


  1. Can I sing "I'm On A Boat" even if's just techinically a gunship, boss?

    Also, Delta Three's looking at like I've got five heads.

  2. You can try to kill me again if you like. I find dodging your fire to be quite an exercise.

  3. Ground team can go screw itself.

    PTC is not needed meddling in the affairs of people /with/ feelings.