Thursday, February 17, 2011

Debriefing and Updates

Finished getting a post-mission interview and debriefing in with every soldier involved in the siege at the warehouse in Indianapolis. After viewing helmet-cam footage from every single soldier's helmet, it's become clear how B2 was able to fight his way out.

He wasn't fighting alone. Or, rather, he was.

According to the mission clocks on the helmet-cam footage, several instances of B2 engaging the squads involved in the siege occurred at different locations in or near the warehouse, occasionally at the same time, and other times at points where he wouldn't have been able to make it to that location from the site of an earlier skirmish quickly enough to be spotted there.

In other words, a second case of 'multiple B2s', or some serious time discrepancies with the mission clocks. Considering the last time this kind of thing happened, I wouldn't be surprised if it was multiple B2s.

The 'alternate reality' theory (smart theory, by the way, to those of you who pointed out the possibility) has been proven to be more than just theory with other P.T.C. activities(classified, of course), but this isn't adding up. It takes some serious shit going down to make this kind of thing happen at all. I'd ask one of the scientists we have here to explain in detail, but they're busy and not being paid to give lectures to the internet about how a mercenary sniper can star in Quantum Leap and beat up three dozen other guys in a tag-team match with himself.

Speaking of our scientists, still no luck with the blinders. We're calling labor and funding off the blinder project and re-allocating it to something marginally more useful. Namely, Tom the Conduit and our teleportation experiments (proceeding just as planned and on-schedule, despite Tom's frequent cases of 'the munchies').

We're starting to narrow down how the Slender Man might move when he's not being observed. Or, rather, we think we are. Not 100% certain, so if we ever get confirmation, you guys will be the first to know.


PS. Donnie, I know you read this blog. Please stop tattling to Central Command in a bid for my job. They stopped caring weeks ago and you're just looking like an ass.


  1. In office politics are always annoying. Good luck with teleportation experiments.

  2. To 'Good Girl.'

    Yeah, no.