Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Found B2

Old warehouse, in Indianapolis. The teams that weren't gunning for Redlight were all redirected to Indianapolis. B2 is still running around out there. They found him, and, well, now we're in the middle of some kind of weird-ass siege.

Except with a lot more of our guys getting hurt by way of high-powered sniper bullets, rather than B2 being starved out or convinced to give himself up. Thank God for our home-built body armor. The guys that are decent P.T.C. trooper material aren't cheap or easy to sift out from the rabble, and are harder than you might think to actually replace.

Anyways, about three-dozen of our guys have B2 trapped inside. Some of our contacts in Indianapolis are managing to keep the police away, and it's by sheer luck that civilians haven't stumbled on the firefight yet.

We'll keep you posted.


1 comment:

  1. Careful guys... Much as I hate to say it, I've grown attached to you lot. Now that you're technically not out killing Runners, that is. Don't go dying on us now; we still need you.

    ...You can just feel the love in this post, can't ya?