Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something odd

Class 3 Paranormal Phenomenon was underway last night at Central Command.

In other words, 'messed-up shit that probably shouldn't be happening, but not as bad as some things that have happened before.' That's Class 3 for you.

On the night shift, one of the guards started flipping out, yelling at everyone about how it was 'not his home.' He eventually barricaded himself in one of the offices, and then shot himself.

The freak-out was similar(though obviously not the same) to what B2 went through shortly before his disappearance. We've classified this as a paranormal phenomenon because it's entirely possible the freak-outs are paranormal in nature.

One thing that is fairly different between B2 and the guard who shot himself was that the guard in question had always been stationed at Central Command. He'd never had any exposure to the Slender Man, and had never been deployed against other paranormal creatures in the past. His entire career with the P.T.C. had gone down at Central Command before his death.

So, whatever it is that's happening, it's not unique to the Slender Man Division.

This warrants further investigation. Nightcrawler has been ordered to keep watch of all of his men closely.


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