Friday, February 4, 2011

Sighting and engagement

Basroil Squad had contact with Target Alpha just twenty minutes ago. Location is classified.

Target Alpha approached uncharacteristically quickly from the edge of a forest Basroil Squad was investigating for signs of Indoctrinated activity. It was standing in plain sight, extending itself on all of its 'tentacle legs', and was moving far too quickly to be anything other than an outright attack.

Basroil Squad quickly returned fire while running for their vehicles, managing to cleanly score a series of hits on Target Alpha, in the upper torso and left arm. Target Alpha discontinued pursuit after multiple impacts with laser weapons, and fled for the forest.

It is quite clear that Target Alpha is growing increasingly aggressive for unknown reasons. High enemy casualty rates recently may be spurring Target Alpha to take action personally.

Will update if situation changes.



  1. Tom said he'd be willing to go to you guys. He just dropped me off at Safe Haven. Just tell us where you want him to port to.

  2. He said longitude and latitude work if you don't want to reveal the name of the pick up place.

  3. Sheesh, he's attacking by himself? Damn.