Thursday, February 3, 2011

Science Department, Revenant Engagement, Dr. Zelphest, and B2

Guys over in the Science Department have noticed something odd about their computers. All the data files were replaced today. No crazy symbols or morse code, though. The files were all replaced by precise, exact copies of the same data. No alterations or changes, but the same information. It's just that all of the files were replaced by copies of the same files.

Right down to the operating systems.

That kind of ground-up copy-and-replacement routine is hard to pull off with no apparent reason. Science Department is looking into it.

Onto other news. Nightcrawler's men engaged another Revenant last night. Killed it, losing four men in the process. This one was ready for us, apparently. That doesn't bode well. If the Slender Man is deploying more and more Revenants, it means the creature is seriously attempting to hinder our efforts to hinder his efforts.

And, onto more pleasant news. We have a particular target(just kidding) on our list of people to meet at the moment: A certain Dr. Cairo Zelphest. Dr. Zelphest, I want this on the record: We're watching you. Push comes to shove, the P.T.C. is ready to pull you out of the fire and put you back in the frying pan. Consider it professional courtesy.

As for B2, we've narrowed down his location to Lusk, Wyoming. A squad's been dispatched to capture and detain him already.

We'll keep you updated if there's anything we think you need to know.


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  1. Lusk again? Whatever is or was there is likely connected to it, so what exactly did happen there?

    If you have the resources for it you might want to run a line-by-line binary check on all your systems, or at least the most important computers.