Thursday, February 10, 2011

What the shit?!

B2 here.

What the fuck has happened to this blog?!

We've been under the radar since fucking Thanksgiving, and there are posts from that point up until just yesterday.

Someone better explain some shit right fucking now. I didn't post a damn thing, let alone 'HAVE WILL SULK.' And Specter's got a blog, now? What the shit? What the shit? What the shit? WHAT THE SHIT?

Sincerely, B2



  1. Well, B2, you've either developed a split-personality or someone's playing your team like a piano...
    Are you with your team now? Because if you are, there is some serious fucked up shit going on. If not, you *might* want to stay clear of them for a while. Seeing as they think you've gone insane and they *might* try to kill you if they see you.
    Keep your eyes open, B2. Something seriously wrong is going on.

  2. Yes, I'm with my fucking team! We've been bouncing from safehouse to safehouse ever since Nightcrawler offed a couple of Runners on Thanksgiving! We shot a gunship and everything! The discovery of the wreckage was all over the news! What the hell is going on?!

  3. ...Nightcrawler DID off the Runners? Now I'M confused... Sorry to point out the obvious, but someone is fucking with you BIG TIME. Because first Specter's saying you've done shit, then someone pretending to be you guys says you didn't do shit. Now you're saying you DID do shit.
    Well, shit.
    Way I see it, it's either Specter or some incredibly smart Hallowed (my personal opinion is that there is no such thing, but whatever...).
    Also, someone seems to have it out for you, B2, especially. Because we were told that you went essentially insane and that Basroil Squad was trying to take you out.

  4. What's this about the Solstice? After Action Report? Lot of Indoctrinated killed, but that kind of crap can't possibly have happened. There's been no memory blackouts anywhere, and everyone's stuck together. Basroil Squad hasn't separated at all, or turned on each other, or whatever.

    And seriously, how do you guys not know about that downed gunship? That shit made the headlines!

  5. ummmm... no it didn't...

    What the hell is going on here?

  6. Don't ask me about the Solstice... I wasn't involved and I personally didn't buy into it at all. As far as I can tell, people thought that the Solstice was the time to make some big move against Slenderman. I don't know all the details of it, but it doesn't seem like it worked much. Slenderman is still out there. And we don't know where Zero is...
    The After Action Report was supposedly given to us by you. It said the mission was successful. Seemed like bullshit to me, but I didn't give it too much thought.
    I don't know, B2... If you and Basroil Squad are all healthy and together, I really don't know what's going on. Someone was either pretending to be you, is hacking into your blog and giving us false information, or manipulating Specter.
    Well, sorry if I haven't had much time for reading the headlines... Trying to find the Faceless Wonder and all. I knew from what Specter told us, but I was suspicious about whether or not that was true. Didn't see it in the headlines though. But, as I said, I don't always manage to catch them.

  7. Oh. Joy. This again. Someone's clearly feeding us false information..of course it could easily be B2 the Husks have proved themselves at least smart enough to post on blogs, and it'd be easy enough for someone with all the codes to begin with. On the other hand Nightcrawler has always been a somewhat psychopathic asshat but his actions lately have been a bit extreme even for him. Or maybe B2 is a, oh, what's the term, Sleeper I believe Reach called them, turned but unaware? Any chance of Specter, or whoever, decoding that now deleted post there might be something there.

  8. My money is on the same "Specter" that turned out to be a lie.

    As for the gunship, it made papers here for a day before the state government clamped down on it and forced papers to retract the story as an elaborate hoax.

  9. It's so easy to explain the recent happenings! Why has nobody realised it? The bleeding between reality as humanity knows it and the Slenderman's plane of existance, which was caused during the solstice event in the world I visited before this one, has caused the time-space continuum to seriously mix itself up, e.g. entire dimensions and other timelines, with different outcomes to what happened are mixing with your current reality! This of course means you can't be sure of who is who anymore, let alone what exactly happened!
    The worst part though, is that all of which that was posted since the day before the solstice has actualy happened; even the contradictional stuff! Good luck with figuring out what was supposed to have happened in your reality during the last few months!
    Damn it! I just realised that the bleeding I mentioned has also occured within your reality! Just perfect! Now, NOBODY, not even a god, will be able to make sense of the events that were and still are happening till the bleeding stops and reality decides which events it wants to keep as its real history!
    The worst part for me is the fact that all of my comments won't reach anyone earlier than two years after the actual events happened! I HATE time-delays caused by interdimensional bleedings! Ugh! Being forced to watch something terrible like this and being unable to help is horrifying! Hopefully, people will at least read this and learn from it later on!