Saturday, February 12, 2011

Test Results, and other stuff

OK, so, despite B2's two consecutive posts here, we were never hacked. B2's somehow posting here, despite us having changed the password and laid down anti-hacking countermeasures that were later improved. B2 is not with Basroil Squad as of this moment, as Basroil Squad is currently in our barracks. As a matter of fact, Basroil Squad just finished with a mission debriefing not twenty minutes ago.

A gunship wasn't ever even deployed before Basroil Squad kidnapped me. Or after, as a matter of fact. The authority to order the deployment of such assets usually rests with P.T.C. Central Command, so I can't go 'SHOOT DEM D00DZ' and wave a hand, and have an entire city block totally annihilated. We have several on hand here at the Slender Man Division, but only recently, after our reconstruction. We need to be sparing with them, and be careful to make sure they're not spotted whenever they're deployed. The P.T.C. is living in the age of cell phone cameras; Fuck-ups aren't tolerated.

We're not being hacked, and all of the information coming from B2 is disjointed, conflicting, and we have the same guy saying 'I didn't do anything, but I'm totally with guys that have been with me since Thanksgiving last year and haven't left my sight, even though my old boss (whom I'm stalking) says they're totally back at their main base of operations and not with me', and claiming 'TEH WALLZ R BRAKNG O NOEZ TEH WALLZ.'

No reports I have indicate that Nightcrawler even killed anyone on Thanksgiving. I certainly didn't post this.

In other words, my response to B2's recent actions can be summed up as such:




Needless to say, we're getting to the bottom of this. You know. Eventually.

Onto other things. Tom the Conduit has been more than helpful with recent tests, and has claimed to 'like our food.' Don't ask me. I have no idea why he likes the Marshmallow Surprise in the cafeteria. So far, so good. We might have some basic information on how the Slender Man moves quickly over long distances, and with this information, we may be able to contain him somehow.

On the subject of the blinders, we're dealing with a serious Black Box scenario, here. The science team can't honestly figure out how the last guy to build one got it to work. Nightcrawler described it as a powerful magnet running 24/7, but that's not really accurate. We've tried that. We haven't been able to figure out shit about how these things actually work. No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup indeed.

And, finally, onto the recent events surrounding Redlight and Reach.

Good show, Robert. Good show. If anyone seriously wants us to get rid of Redlight, say the word. Honestly, he seems to be a bit of an annoyance to you Irregulars, we're willing to help on that front.

And Redlight, if you're reading this, take warning. Nightcrawler's men have killed Revenants before. Any bodyguards you have with you will not protect you. Even before this, you were considered a target by P.T.C. personnel for your affiliation with our primary target.

We're keeping an eye on you now.



  1. Sounds like a parallel universe thing to me. You've got two timelines, one in which Basroil is still out in the field with B2, one in which they've been recalled and B2 has apparently gone rogue. Sometimes they bleed over. It seems that computer data might be especially prone to slippage - hence your computers being rewritten with identical data, hence the oddities with this blog. In B2's universe, this blog never had its passwords changed because B2 never lost access to it, and he was able to make posts which you can see in your universe in response to posts made in your universe which have leaked through into his.

    But there may be other ways things bleed through on top of that.

  2. Glad Tom likes your food. I might have an idea or two about the magnet, but I can't be sure with out testing it first. We know that the metal scanners in Ava's library in London had an effect so I'd would start with something similar.

  3. Awake is on the right track I feel with the tangent universes. However, your organization knows more about the paranormal world beyond the Slender Man than we do, which puts you in a better position to judge if such things as tangent universes exist.

    As for Redlight, by all means, if you can find him, you'd do everyone a great service taking him down. However, I would err on the side of caution with this. As I see you are troper, you may already be familiar with this.

    Originally we all dealt with simple proxies (sorry, indoctrinated as you call them), usually ordinary people under His control without abnormal powers. Once we became proficient at fighting them and they weren't as big a threat, the Revenants showed up, much more intelligent and supernaturally enhanced. This raises a question of what shows up once we neutralize THEM. I trust your better judgment on this. I'll feed you any information I can.

    - Dr. Cairo

  4. You guys are confusing the hell out of us... But whatever. I don't know what's going on with B2, but fuck if it isn't some crazy shit.

    A bit of an annoyance? ...There aren't a lot of words to describe what Redlight is... Kill him. Honestly, he's such a little bitch... It'll save *everyone* grief in the end.

  5. Well according the recent advances in physics alternate dimensions aren't that far of a stretch however from what I've read only gravity can transcend the boundaries of the dimensional divide that separate ours from others.

  6. Ugh, alternate timelines/dimensions bleeding into each other I have a hard time following those in books when they give me all the information. It would explain the madness that is 'Seeing Double', and there is the theory that it can move through time, maybe it's time shenanigans are causing the overlap craziness. Assuming the alternate dimensions theory is even right, and there's not just some Husk/indoctrinated glamored to look like him.

    As for Redlight, by all means if you get the opportunity kill the little bitch I think we've all had enough of that incompetent fuck-up.

  7. Terminate Redlight. Terminate... with extreme prejudice.