Sunday, February 27, 2011

Status Report

I'm on a boat.



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    Hudson Bay, Canada
    Bay of Bengal, India
    eBay (lol, but who knows... it doesn't harm anybody typing 'I want to buy a Tom' there...)

  3. btw, if you casually find a Female Indoctrinated involve please don't shoot her...

    ..I mean it... (wow, I'm threating a killing/hunting armed organization? I must be really messed up for today early XD)

  4. please, you have to find Tom and Will. i don't know what to do, but they're not in Hudson Bay anymore. they didn't leave anyone any time...

  5. okay, apparently they're here:


    i have no idea if Tensor's telling the truth or not, but please, do something!

  6. Those coordinates point all the way to California. Specifically, East off the 101, just south of Klamath and the Andy McBeth Airport. I can't even hope to make it before any whimsical deadlines occur.

    I'm leaving it in your hands, Specter.

  7. On another note...

    You, sir, win.

  8. According to the new PTC's executive policy now you get to turn sides and help don't you?

  9. -points at Keiken's post- yeah, i'd like to personally appologize for panicking like that. i feel like an idiot. no, scratch that, i AM an idiot. but at least the news is good this time. >.<

  10. I don't know if you guys follow Jack Tyler's blog Scared but apparently his cousin Drew has broke free from //It's// control and he has the Bone from Dreams in Darkness another blog I'm not sure you guys have read.That aside The Bone is a powerful slender man repellent if we could get a hold of it we could unlock the secrete behind it and weaponize it, and use it as a means to fight back! Also Tom, Bianca, Tensor, and I are on our way back to HQ. Sorry about the chaos we might have caused you organisation.

  11. Your friend should drop that bone away... It will just 'pass the headache' as an strong pill..

    ..It may be even more dangerous than self-medicating...