Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeing double

Alright, so, the teams in Indianapolis found B2. Didn't catch him, but they had a brief shootout, two men injured, nobody killed. He wasn't hit at all.

The teams still based in Lusk, Wyoming(awaiting transport to Indianapolis) also had contact with B2, one man injured critically. The identity of either individual attacker was unmistakeable, and both attackers slipped away. They were both B2, and both attacks happened within five minutes of each-other.

Of course, something's up.

Tom, the Conduit, has been picked up and transported to a classified location for testing and research. If everything works out, we'll have ourselves a few new clues as to how the Slender Man can move so quickly over long distances.



  1. Glad to see Tom got to safe and sound. Hopefully he will be able to help you learn more about our common foe.

  2. If he's become a Pawn, the answer may lie in the Black King's domain.

  3. Well, this shit isn't too good to hear. People appearing in two places at once? We don't need more individuals with the Black King's duplication least, not those who support him.