Saturday, February 26, 2011

In the immortal words of B2


Dr. Zelphest, thank you for your assistance. But, one detail.

That part at 2:55 in the video wasn't in the tape when we sent it to you.

So, I'm fairly certain you got the wrong tape, in which case the PTC's been compromised. Either that, or something else is going on.

We'll look into it further, but, I think I should explain my reasons for thinking the Slender Man and Father Paranoia are at all connected.

What Father Paranoia seems to do is possibly feed off of feelings of intense, constant, unnatural fear. We've never been able to really figure that out, since the PTC got involved towards the end of the whole Wyoming Incident situation. But, what does the Slender Man induce in victims?


And with this sudden change in the video, and all the attention focused on Lusk, Wyoming as far as the PTC's been concerned recently, I can't help but think my assumption of a connection between the Slender Man and Father Paranoia might have some truth to it.

Thanks again, Dr. Zelphest.

Regarding Nightcrawler, he hasn't shown any odd or unpredictable behavior, contrary to B2's claims in the last B2 blog post.

As a matter of fact, he recently asked for permission to go and visit Mr. Spender.

He should be arriving at the location Spender was headed for in his last blog post very soon. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.



  1. the sound at the end... it makes me a headache... so I wanted to prove if that happens just to me, I played the sound at a friend that is in this problem with Faceless without him knowing about FP, he didn't had the headache, but he suddenly started to feel like watched, frenetically looking in all directions..

    I feel like, ... tagged by the sound, is a weird sensation...

  2. that tape was fun.

    people do feel scared don't they? scaredy cats cowardly lions terrified humans paranoia every which way.

    i hope you guys are okay.

  3. Well...

    Crap in a bucket.

    That's not good. What's on the tape is what I posted. If you want you can send someone to take the tape back if you want to inspect it.

  4. hmmm... well, I feel that uploading the tape to you-tube was a bad move..

    He actually feeds in fear isn't it? It had been already 2 hours since my friend heard the tape, he is still nervous.. (And I still have this dam headache!!)

    That means that now any curious will be able to see the video and spread the word, and that means infecting fear like a virus..

    FEAR, it was the first weapon and the second most powerful force so far..
    ..being capable of feeding in humanity's fears...

    ...As humans we are too weak to solve this alone..