Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey, Indoctrinated! Protip!

Don't go posting comments on blogs that belong to people who aren't scared of your boss.

We have fought the Slender Man directly. We can't kill him. Yet. But he seems pretty scared whenever we hit the bastard with a laser.

Plus, we've killed about forty of your buddies, I figure that helps.

Either way, I'll let you guys live for now, because it's sad that three of you have come out of the woodwork just to post on this blog and potentially give away your location to people that are trying to kill you.

The Slender Man clearly isn't being too picky about who he recruits.

Also, Cerberus, I have no idea what those anagrams spell out, but let me just say, I doubt you meant to say 'hey bear start' or 'violated peep elf.'



  1. Who knows, maybe the troll has a Smurf fetish?

  2. If you manage to get the (x) one let me know. They left some weird ass poetry/riddles on my blog.

  3. Keep trying, but do not share what you learn publically.

  4. that fact that you believe you scared Him with a /laser/ makes me smile and wanna hug you guys. c:

    awwwwww you're so violent- sometimes talking is more fun. like, we could meet up and have lunch together and hang out and stuff. it would be fun!